My Army reserve unit got the call, so I went to Iraq in August 2004, and was there until July of 2005.

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My friend Davy, had invited me to a celebration for Fiji day. He gave me the skirt that day, and made me promise to wear it. I was thinking that I would be the only American there... I was wrong! When I walked around the sandbags, there was the task force commander, and the task force Sergeant Major. And I was wearing a skirt! Well, they were very nice. Now General Ham is at the White House.
When home on leave, I brought my chef jacket and apron back to Iraq with me. In the local market, their were many taylor shops. So, I just took them in to the shop, and said, please make me two sets of these in Desert Camouflage. They did a great job, and it was only about $30. Here, I am cooking tiger shrimp for my team. We ate much better than anyone else in Iraq.
I ended up doing missions with a private security contractor as a US soldier, (Global). It was an experience! We did not even have doors on our vehicles.
In August of 2004, I arrived in Kuwait, and the temperature was 139 degrees. I did not think that it got that hot on the planet. But the funny part of this was the fact that they were issuing us cold weather gear. This was so strange, I thought it was a mistake. But when I got to Mosul, I needed it! When I was coming home for leave in April, 2005, I got snowed in for over a week.
The gunners were either Ghurka or Fijian, The platoon I worked with were Fijian, and they are my brothers now. They are the greatest bunch of guys you can work with.
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